Scout & Jem Finch are awesome

July 12, 2009 at 10:01 pm Leave a comment

It was a super day in O.G. Click on that shit and read the definition. It’s appropriate.

Not appropriate, however, was the behavior of the wildlife. Wait, let me back track for a second. There was so much effing wildlife afoot today. Igrits and puppies (Biggie Smalls still doesn’t listen, just as he didn’t in life) and all sorts of other characters.

Our favorites were the turtles who felt comfortable enough to fuck right in front of us. And by fuck, I mean rape. I’m pretty sure turtles, like humans, don’t enjoy large strangers rising out of the sea pond behind them and surprising them with sex. You don’t have to say “no” in order for it to be rape. Turtles can’t talk.

Drinking Pom (excuse me, P<3m) in public makes me feel like a massive douche. Paying $5 for a drink I don’t even like makes me feel like a douche times 10.

And finally, this is probably the best thing we have ever seen scrawled on the walls of a public gazebo. Ever.

Scout & Jem Finch are awesome


Entry filed under: Expen$ive Drinks, Rape.

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